Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions

Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions

Master Biochemistry by Learning to Critically Think and Problem Solve | taught by Mahfoud Saddi

Course Description

Are you taking a biochemistry course?

Do you find yourself getting stuck on practice problems?

Have Moof University’s YouTube videos helped you learn biochemistry?

Do you want more from Moof University?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place!

Moof University’s Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions video course is designed with students in mind:

Students often ask me how I studied to get to the point where I am now in my knowledge and understanding of biochemistry. My answer is always the same: PRACTICE PROBLEMS, PRACTICE PROBLEMS, PRACTICE PROBLEMS.

Why practice problems?

As important as it is to read through textbooks and notes (or watch video tutorials), and as important as it is to pay close attention during lectures and discussions, TRUE LEARNING happens when a student is required to apply their knowledge and understanding of a topic they've studied in a way they perhaps hadn't before. To do this, students must learn to think critically.

Critical thinking and problem solving is learned by struggling through practice problems. With that said, sometimes it's important to follow along as someone else solves a problem. Learning how someone else thinks through and solves a problem can help tremendously to widen an individual's ability to think through problems and questions posed to them. That's why I've created this series of videos.

What is this video series meant to do?

Moof University’s Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions video series is meant to test a biochemistry student's knowledge and understanding of some of the most critical topics in biochemistry, as well as to show students step-by-step solutions to the types of problems they should be able to solve. Some of the problems are relatively easy, and some are more difficult, but all are important for a biochemistry student to be capable of solving, and - more importantly - to be capable of thinking through.

The video series works well alongside Moof University’s existing YouTube video tutorials to guide any student through learning and understanding biochemistry.

How should a student use these videos?

Ideally, a student should watch Moof University’s biochemistry YouTube video tutorials, topic-by-topic (and playlist-by-playlist) AND watch the Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions video series alongside each topic playlist from Moof University’s YouTube channel.

Example: A student studying enzymes in their biochemistry course should:

1. Find the topic “Enzymes” on

2. Watch the YouTube videos on “Enzymes” from start to finish.

3. Assess their knowledge and understanding of enzymes by watching and attempting the practice problems on enzymes in the Biochemistry Practice Problems with Worked Solutions video series.

4. Repeat with other biochemistry topics.

5. Enjoy!

Take-Home Point?

From Acids and Bases and the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation to Amino Acids and Protein Structure to Enzymes and beyond -- this series is the go-to for any student serious about learning and doing well in their biochemistry course(s).

NOTE: More videos will routinely be added to include other topics and practice problems.

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